Cross-border Finance

Easy2Go Finance is based on the four-in-one “local & foreign currency, domestic & foreign area, onshore & offshore, investment firms “ cross-border financial management platform. By utilizing the resources in both domestic and foreign markets, Easy2Go Finance will provide you with comprehensive, one-stop personal financial services that will satisfy your desire in business expansion and globalization management in different stages.


Trade and Commerce Flow, Capital Flow and Cash Flow (3C-Flow) are the three pillars of Easy2Go cross-border financial services. Accordingly, Easy2Go has 3 main series of production : trade, wealth and capital.


Smart-transfer cross-border platform is an online system that Easy2Go runs to help customers achieve quicker trade financing, foreign exchange settlement, remittance document settlement, etc. so that you don't have as long to wait.

  • Capital

    Comprehensive financial services for cross-border investment, financing, merging, etc.

  • Wealth

    Wealth management services aiming at preserving or increasing the value .

  • Trade

    Overseas currency settlement, cross-border financing service.