Dear Customers: Recently, our company received a complaint, and someone called in the name of a customs officer to notify the need to pay customs duties. Here, please pay attention to all customers, if you encounter similar incidents, please confirm whether you have mailed corresponding items, and please contact our customer service as soon as possible to prevent unnecessary losses.



About Us

With our headquarters based in Ireland, Easy2Go Logistics has a combined experience of more than forty years. We offer reliable and cost-efficient solutions to meet any client’s shipping and storage requirements. Providing airfreight, sea freight, warehousing, and total logistics support globally, our flexibility, reliability, and commitment has secured our customer’s trust and loyalty

Business Coverage

Headquartered in Dublin since 2005, Easy2Go operates in twelve cities across seven countries.

Acting & Co-operating Brands

Signed an agreement with a number of European companies

Brand Authorisation

Many well-known brand-authorised agents

Cross-border supply chain capability

100% on order satisfaction rate is our pursuit