Dear Customers: Recently, our company received a complaint, and someone called in the name of a customs officer to notify the need to pay customs duties. Here, please pay attention to all customers, if you encounter similar incidents, please confirm whether you have mailed corresponding items, and please contact our customer service as soon as possible to prevent unnecessary losses.



Customs Clearance

What is Customs Clearance?

It is the act of passing goods through Customs & Excise (Revenue) so that they can enter or leave the country. 

It is a document given by customs to a shipper/importer to show that customs duty (where applicable) and VAT has been paid and the goods can be imported.

When is customs clearance required ?

When importing goods from a non-EU country, such as USA, China, S. Africa, Australia etc

Import Customs Clearance

Documents required:

1. Bill of Lading

2. Invoice

3. Packing list

4. Company detail (VAT Number. Registration number etc) or personal details

5. Goods certification


Normally, it will take 2-4 days to go through the Customs.

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