Work at Easy2Go

It is not just a job, but spirit and values.


Grow with challenges


As a comprehensive cross-border logistics company, Easy2Go provides a large variety of challenging but interesting jobs. We encourage you to broaden your horizons and realize your potentials through dealing with the constant fluctuation of situations that you may have to face. Our performance management system will evaluate you, explore and design your career. No matter what part of our team you join, we hope you can take on the responsibility bravely and achieve personal development.


Listen with respect


here at Easy2go, we like to put you in different teams to utilize your different perspective so that there is variation in our approach to our work. We evaluate your performance and respect your opinions. Each year’s Employee’s Opinion Survey is of huge importance to us.


Proud for mutual achievement


Being a member of Easy2Go, you will deal with people from all over the world. We respect and advocate diversity and spare no effort to create a tolerant atmosphere. With our diverse and characteristic programmes and plans, we strive to create a formula for success on the basis of talent and versatility of our employees. This success would be for Easy2Go, but also for you as an employee of Easy2Go.


Being a part of the Easy2Go team, you will be proud to witness the daily achievements of the company together.