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Global Headquarters: (Dublin) Ireland

Add: Unit 508B Mitchelstown Road,
          Northwest Business Park,
          Dublin 15,
          D15 A276.

Tel: 353-140 899 88

Fax: 353-140 899 99



Global Network

Easy2Go is a leading European logistics service provider, headquartered in Ireland, with operations in Europe and Asia, and a global network spanning six continents.

With abundant resources, excellent talents and advanced technology network, we can fully meet the production needs of European and Chinese customers, as well as regional procurement, global distribution and other needs, we can also help your business development. Easy2Go continues to invest in assets with strategic value and sincerely cooperates with your future business development and long-term planning to provide superior, reliable and highly flexible logistics services.

Our strength comes from an excellent professional team; they have an international perspective, can make good use of their skills and expertise, and have a good knowledge of the European and Chinese markets. We understand your business and stand on the same front line with you.

EASY2GO VISION is our self-developed information technology system. It can be used as a general platform to allow you to establish closer contact with your partners, while integrating diversified monitoring channels, so that all stakeholders can share a win-win situation.

With Easy2Go Logistics as your partner, you will get the most outstanding logistics services in Europe. Our professionals will wholeheartedly help you through every step for your success.

Foothold In Europe · Focus On China · Global Coverage

Headquarters have been located in Dublin since 2005, with operations in 12 cities across 7 countries


Ireland's largest logistics provider

+350 million

Three hundred and fifty million users worldwide


2000 employees provide service 24 hours


Customer rating was 100%