Dear Customers: Recently, our company received a complaint, and someone called in the name of a customs officer to notify the need to pay customs duties. Here, please pay attention to all customers, if you encounter similar incidents, please confirm whether you have mailed corresponding items, and please contact our customer service as soon as possible to prevent unnecessary losses.



  • Established in Europe,focused on China,connecting the whole world.

    Flexibility,Reliablity and Responsibility ,these have allowed us to remain ahead of the industry for a long time.

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Logistics based Business circulated Convenient warehousing


The payment is flexible and convenient, safe and reliable.


Escort your goods with diversified means of transportation.


Powerful distribution network line, to provide you with the most appropriate service.


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Enterprise Update Industry update

  • Christmas Opening Hours 2020 2020-12-17 08:30:00

    When approaching the holiday season, everyone here at EASY2GO reflects on those that have made our success possible in the memorable 2020. All of the best to those that have helped

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  • Fighting COVID-19, we are in this together! 2020-04-22 18:00:12

    EASY2GO helps the Irish government transport medical equipment and personal protective equipment to fight COVID-19.

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  • EASY2GO&AVOCA 2017-12-28 09:00:00

    Easy2Go has entered into an agreement with one of Ireland’s longest standing companies and beloved brands, Avoca Handweavers. On Wednesday 20th December

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  • Parry Chen meeting with Helen Burke, Vice President of Dept. of Business Development Jobs 2016-09-23 14:25:33

    Being invited by Helen Burke, the Vice President of Dept. of Business, Development & Jobs of Ireland, Parry Chen and EASY2GO team attended the business meeting on Sep. 23rd 2016.

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  • EASY2GO discussing with E-Commerce giants ebay, Alibaba, Baidu 2015-10-08 10:45:43

    Easy2Go attended 2015 China International E-Commerce Expo, discussing with E-Commerce giants ebay, Alibaba, Baidu, etc..

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  • EASY2GO attended the Irish Asia Trade Forum Roundtable 2014-08-07 10:20:02

    On August 7, 2014, EASY2GO was invited to attend the Asian Trade Forum (Asia Trade Irish Forum).

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Headquartered in  Dublin since 2005, Easy2go operates in 12 cities across 7countries

About Us

With our headquarters based in Ireland, Easy2Go Logistics Services has a combined experience of more than forty years. We offer reliable and cost-efficient solutions to meet any client’s shipping and storage requirements. Providing airfreight, seafreight, warehousing and total logistics support globally, our flexibility, reliability and commitment has secured our customer’s trust and loyalty.

Our System

Our user-friendly online booking and tracking system saves you time and energy with every order. It’s fast, simple to use and gives you all the information you need at any stage.

  • Our Scheduling

    When it comes to our services we put a huge emphasis on time and efficiency. You can rely us to operate within your time constraints and ensure as fast and flexible a service as possible. Whether you’re shipping to China or cross-border throughout Europe, our tracking system gives you full details throughout the entire process, from dispatch to delivery.

  • Our Handling

    With any shipping, warehousing or simple delivery services comes a lot of paper work and tedious processes to get through. We handle every aspect from customs clearance, to collection or delivery, all you need to do is call and tell us what to ship and when. We do the hard work so you don’t have to.